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01.05.15 NEW Ice Rescue Level 1 Course
We are pleased to announce the offering of a new course at the Training Academy. This 12 hour Ice Rescue Course meets the requirements set forth in NFPA 1670. Captain Jack Hueston and Captain Rich Michitisch coordinate this new course. Please submit registration forms no later than February 5th. Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Course Code: 15-1221-16
Dates/Times: February 12th 1900-2200 & February 14th 0800-1600
Tuition: $50.00 (Non-MTFD)
Prerequisites: Fire/Rescue Service-Firefighter 1, EMS Service-First Responder
PPE: Students must supply a cold water suit and water rescue helmet

Students who meet the NFPA 1005 Principles of Technical Rescue Job Performance Requirements will receive an NFPA 1670 Level 1 certificate for successfully completing this course.

Please contact Captains Hueston or Michitsch with any questions regarding this offering.

01.05.15 NJ Boating Safety Course
We are pleased to offer another NJ Boating Safety course. This course is open to the general public. Students who successfully complete the one day course will receive their Boating License from the NJSP. Please submit registration forms no later than February 19th.

Non Fire/EMS service students must use a Civilian Registration Form. Click here to download.

Course Code: 15-1701-02
Date: February 22nd
Time: 0800 hours
Tuition: $50.00 (Non-MTFD)

01.05.15 Annual Refresher Offering
The academy is hosting an annual refresher for anyone in need. MTFD members need not submit a Registration Forms. Out of town members, please use a Student Registration Form. Click here to download.

Course Code: 15-1801-01
Date: February 8, 2015
Time: 0900 hours
Tuition: $25.00 (Non-MTFD)

12.23.14 Spring 2015 Firefighter 1 Course
Enrollment is now open for the Spring class (#15-1001-03). Please submit registration packages no later than February 15th. Orientation is scheduled for February 18th at 1900 hours in the East classroom. Go to the Firefighter 1 page for more information.

11.15.14 Fall Firefighter 1 Graduates
The class met all of their State mandated training requirements and completed graduation ceremonies on November 15th. Congratulations and good luck to all of the newest firefighters.

Fall 2014 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) M. Volker, C. Mildorf, M. Oden, D. Polvino, R. Wickman, K. Kane Jr., A. Zuniga
2nd. row (L-R) V. Gaona, S. Chenoweth, M. Nosti, W. Grundmann, A. Navarro, M. Daugherty,
J. Woodhead, T. Poyner

07.29.14 Registration Reminders
It's not too late to register for the Boating Safety and Rapid Intervention Awareness courses. See the catalog or courses page for more info.

07.25.14 LDH Strike Team Leader Date Change
Due to unforeseen circumstances we are changing the date of this course to September 24th. Start time will remain 1900 hours.

06.30.14 Summer/Fall Course Catalog
We are pleased to announce the release of our Summer/Fall catalog. Go to the Courses page for more information.

As previously announced, the semester kicks off with Firefighter 1. Please register early for the classes you wish to attend. Click here to download a Student Registration Form. Click here for the Firefighter 1 Registration Package.

06.24.14 Fall Firefighter 1 Course Announcement
Orientation for the Fall Firefighter 1 class (course #14-1001-29) is scheduled for July 23rd at 1900 hours. Firefighter 1 applications must be submitted no later than July 16th. Please use the most recent version.

06.05.14 Spring Firefighter 1 Course Final Exercises & Graduation
The Spring class is wrapping up. The recruits will participate in the "Putting It All Together" exercises on Saturday June 7th. Exercises commence at 0800 hours. Visitors must park in the main lot and follow safety boundaries.

Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for Tuesday June 10th at 1930 hours. The ceremony will be held in the gymnasium at Thorne Middle School located at 70 Murphy Road in Middletown.

Spring 2014 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) J. Ruhman, R. Nigro, C. Donnelly, D. Osborn, R. Gorski, J. Susser, J. DeShong, C. Whelen, E. Taylor, H. Bane III, M. Fisher. 2nd. row (L-R) K. Covert, L. Nunez, J. Chenoweth, J. Little Jr., Brian Kost, N. Gunsauls, A. Hill, J. Michitsch, T. Poyner, N. Simmons, G. Honnen. 3rd. row (L-R) A. Siciliano, R. Benson, M. Deickmann, J. Wood, J. Valentine, A. Dougherty, T. Dombrowski, B. MacDonald, J. Hopler.

06.04.14 Updated Firefighter 1 Course Registration Package
We've made some minor changes to our form. Please discard any old forms and begin using the new form immediately. Old forms will no longer be accepted. Click here to download the updated form or go to the Forms Page.

05.04.14 What a semester!
The Spring semester has reached its peak and the academy has been buzzing with activity lately. A large Firefighter 1 class has anchored the activity as they enter the rigorous hands on training portion of their class. Last month, the Advanced SCBA & Air Management students tested their endurance. This month the student of the Truck Company Operations course learned new skills and honed old ones.

Our staff continues to push the boundaries of innovation with quality instruction and challenging training props. A sincere thank you is in order to all of the fantastic students who participated thus far. Your effort and success is why we do what we do. Great job!

Lieutenant Nicholas Hubbard Jr. of Little Silver cuts through the shackle on a padlock prop during the Truck Company Operations course.

03.24.14 Advanced SCBA & Air Management Enrollment
Don't wait until the last minute. Submit your registration forms now. The class is almost full and begins on April 2nd.

03.01.14 Technical Difficulty
We apologize for the lack of website updates and telephone issues. We have been experiencing significant issues with our website software. The problem has been resolved and the site will be updated regularly. Additionally, our main telephone line is inoperable. The weather is likely to blame and the issue has been difficult to diagnose. Township support staff are working to correct this. Be advised, we do not have access to out voicemail system. If you need to contact us, please email us at our address. We apologize in advance for an inconveniences this has caused.

02.17.14 Spring Firefighter 1 Course is Full
We have received an overwhelming number of applications for the Spring class and enrollment is now full. Confirmation notices have been sent. Orientation is scheduled for February 20th. Instruction begins February 22nd. We're looking forward to a great class.

02.16.14 Boating Safety Cancelled
The Boating Safety class was cancelled due to low enrollment. Several students who desired to attend the class showed up at the academy on Sunday morning, but failed to pre-register. The class could have been run if those people had registered. Please use the registration forms to enroll. It will ensure things like this don't happen again. We will try to reschedule the class for later in the semester.

12.29.14 Happy New Year-2014 Winter/Spring Course Catalog
The long awaited release of our upcoming semester course offering is here. Our Firefighter 1 course anchors a quality course offering. You can expect the highest level of instruction from our staff once again. Register early and often. Click here for more.

12.22.13 Spring Firefighter 1 Registration Is Now Open
The Spring 2014 Firefighter 1 course has been approved. Orientation is scheduled for February 20th. Attendance for Orientation is MANDATORY.

IMPORTANT: Last year we updated the registration process from a form to a package. Registration packages must be completed in their entirety and submitted no later than February 18th. Packages received after the deadline will not be accepted. Click here to download a copy.

Officers and Firefighter 1 Recruits can find up to date information on the Firefighter 1 page.

12.14.13 The 2014 Winter/Spring Catalog Coming Soon
We are excited about another great semester for the first half of next year. We plan to offer a number of courses including Firefighter 1, Advanced SCBA & Air Management, Truck Company Operations and Technical Rescue courses. Check back soon for the full announcement.

09.21.13 Engine Company Operations Spots Still Available
Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to attend our second offering of this newly revamped class. Contact us immediately to register. The course begins Monday September 23rd.

08.10.13 Boating Safety starts Sunday August 18th

Course Number: 13-1701-26
Date & Time: Sunday August 18th @ 0800-1600
Instructor: Chief Douglas Ziemba
Tuition: $50.00 (Non-MTFD)

All persons who wish to operate a power vessel must possess a Boating Safety Certificate. Successful completion of this course will result in a Boating Safety Certificate Issued by the New Jersey State Police.

For registration and information please contact us at:
Academy: 732-615-3280
Fax: 732-957-9369


08.07.13 The Fall 2013 Semester is Finally Here
After a slight delay our Fall semester has finally been approved. We are offering a reduced number of courses this semester, but rest assured, quality is still on the menu.

We are offering another open enrollment NJ Boating Safety course. This course is scheduled for Sunday August 18th. Submit your registration forms ASAP!

Jack Hueston and staff will deliver our popular Pump Operations course and the same crew will be at it for our recently released Engine Company Operations course.

Tom Wieczerzak and staff will challenge the most experienced rescuers with our second offering of the Technical Rescuer-Vehicle & Machinery Rescue-Level 1 course. This class is sure to fill fast, don't wait. Strict prerequisites apply.

06.12.13 The Winter/Spring Semester Concludes
After five months, fourteen open enrollment courses, and dozens of drills, the Winter/Spring semester finally concluded Sunday afternoon. Over five hundred and fifty students were trained in open enrollment courses and hundreds more in custom delivery and drill ground instruction.

The staff is in the final stages of planning the Fall semester and it is shaping up to be a great one. Please check back soon for more information. Thank you to all of our members and customers for your dedication to training. Great job.

06.11.13 The Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 Class Graduates
This class began on February 23rd with 23 recruits from 13 different companies/departments. After 3 1/2 months,  43 classes, 3 physical fitness assessments, 2 State exams and over 190 hours of training, the Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 class finally graduated. Ceremonies were held at Thompson Middle School Tuesday night. A fantastic effort by a very good class. Congratulations to all of our new firefighters in your careers.

Some of the new Firefighters prepare to receive their certificates during the graduation ceremonies.

Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) B. Scott, D. Eluzzi, T. Wolf, R. Svenson Jr., M. Daneman, J. Baccellieri, M. Rance, A. Washington.
2nd. row (L-R) T.White, R. Ross, W. Hrehowsik, S. Lisowski II, N. Costa, B. Thompson, K. Countryman, R. Winthers, S. Hueston, A. VanWagoner.

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06.09.13 Technical Rescue Wraps Up
Twelve students from 6 local departments finished up their training Sunday morning. The 21 hour class included a lecture and hands on training that met the requirements in NFPA 1006 for Subchapter 5 (Principles) and Rope Rescuer Level 1. Students who successfully completed the Principles portion now meet the prerequisites for the Vehicle & Machinery Rescue course planned for the Fall semester.

Students in the Principles class perform a low angle evolution during training.

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Please use the new Registration Package for the Firefighter 1 Course. File ends in 06-2014

Submit your Student Registration Forms as early as possible to ensure enrollment in semester courses.

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